Earth Element
     (VAT included)
SculptorMichael Kontraros
PainterPietro Balloni
Scale150mm (1/12)
MaterialHQ Resin


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THE LEAGUE is a collaboration between 4 companies. The first project is our vision of the 4 classical elements as over the top busts, where the concept art was made by the same person for all the companies involved, Stefano Moroni. Each company then sculpted and produced one bust representing one of the elements:

Micael Kontraros Collectibles: The Earth
Aradia: The Water
Kimera: The Fire
Nocturna: The Air

This is an unassembled and unpainted model kit
5 parts of HQ resin

Sculpted by Michael Kontraros
Painted by Pietro Balloni
Sketch by Stefano Moroni