Sculptor: Michael Kontraros
Painter: Chris Panagiotou
Material: AVES, Green Stuff, super sculpey and more
Scale: 65 MM
Concept: Jean-Baptiste Monge

Description / Story

Not a lot of people know this but, Gnomes are very sentimental creatures. They have big hearts and extremely good memories. They love to read books, and quite often they also indulge in writing a novel or two. They live long lives, have big families and are adore adventures.

They can spend years writing their memoires, based on their adventures and journeys. After their masterpiece is finished, they adore nothing more than to read, correct and reminisce. Every once in a while, they will gather the entire family, sit around the fire, with good food and drink, and read a few chapters. 

Memories are important for Gnomes, it is how their legacy continues through time, how they pass down their knowledge from generation to generation, how they evolve to become better.