Morocco 18th century
Not for Sale
Sculptor: Michael Kontraros
Painter: Diego Ruina
Material: AVES, Green Stuff, super sculpey and more
Scale: 63 mm
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Morocco 18th century

Description / Story

18th century Morocco was a place to behold, a crossroads of culture and color, a true kaleidoscope of philosophy and civilizations. Whether you wanted extravagant clothes, exotic foods, mesmerizing pieces of art, Morocco was the place to find it. 

Meander through the crowded streets and be amazed at the architecture, the fine workmanship of the buildings and the stone carvings. 

Be mesmerized and enchanted by the flute player that has the cobra under his spell. Watch it dance at the melodic tune of the snake charmer…but be careful, if you have coins in your pocket there are always thieves and beggars around. 

Pirates and scoundrels frequent the city to trade their loot or acquire new one. So, don’t be fooled by the beauty that you see on the surface, Morocco has a dirty and seething underbelly.