Tooth Fairy
Not for Sale
Sculptor: Michael Kontraros
Painter: Greg DiFranko
Material: AVES, Green Stuff, super sculpey and more
Scale: 150 mm
Tooth Fairy

Description / Story

Fairytales say that if you are good little boy or girl, when your tooth falls out, and you put it under your pillow, the tooth fairy will come and take it away. In its place the tooth fairy will leave a small token of appreciation, some money, a toy even a piece of gold.

But those are the stories told in fairytales. In reality tooth fairies a vicious little critters, that will forcibly remove your tooth whether you like it or not. They wont use anesthetic, and they won’t wait until you are asleep, if they see something they like, they will jump and start hacking away, until they get what they desire. 

They prefer healthy teeth, preferably molars, big and large. They are paid for their bounty of teeth by their weight…so the heavier and bigger the better. 

But beware…the little nasty fairies have one weakness…gold teeth. They will rip out your entire jaw if they catch the smell of gold in your mouth. Prey you never meet a tooth fairy, the encounter will leave you bloodied and saw.