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The Frog Whisperer
Sculptor: Georgia Sarantinou
Painter: Michael Volquarts
Material: HQ Resin
Scale: 1/10 (200 mm)
Number of Parts: 2
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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The Frog Whisperer _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles
The Frog Whisperer

Product Description / Story

Growing up in the deep forests, surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature, the elf had developed several talents over the years.

Content with the silence and solitude, he did not like the company of other elves, or humans, but he did have an affinity for the animals of the forest…one species in particular: Frogs.

From a young age whenever he played at the lake the tadpoles and frogs would flock to him, swim around him, get in his clothes and tickle him. He soon found that if he concentrated enough, he could hear them whisper and talk. As time passed, he would spend all day at the lake conversing and playing with his friends.

Many people do not know this, but frogs are wise creatures, philosophers, theorists, even dreamers. One frog in particular was the elf’s favorite, with an inquisitive mind, whimsical spirit and astonishing insight into the knowledge of life, they soon became best friends and inseparable.

The frog would rest on the elf’s shoulder, right by his ear, so that they could talk and discuss all day long. They would go everywhere together, do everything together…a bond, friendship that could not be broken.