Bite Me
Sculptor: Michael Kontraros
Painter: Debbie Volquarts
Material: High Quality Resin
Scale: 38 mm
Number of Parts: 1
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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Bite Me _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles
Bite Me

Product Description / Story

The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter. It would judge and evaluate whether children were good or disobedient at the start of the season of Eastertide. If they were good, they would receive gifts!

Stories tell that the Easter Bunny carries colored eggs, candy and toys in his basket, and will leave a small gift to the children that are good and well behaved.

Well, our bunny will judge and evaluate, and will reward the children that have been bad, those that cause trouble and mischief, swear, and make a mess. If a child is good and well behaved, our bunny will eat all the child’s candy.  

Our bunny is ill tempered, mean, and nasty and if you meet him, he will swear and call you hurtful names. So if you see a bunny eating cookies and cake….just stay away…or he might Bite you!