95 Pieces Left
Sculptor: Jin Lily
Painter: Spyros Paizakis
Material: High Quality Resin
Scale: 1/12 (70 mm)
Number of Parts: 2
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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Snailmama _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles

Product Description / Story

Mollusca Gastropoda…as a child she found them fascinating, she would follow their shimmering silver trail of slime, deep into the forest for hours on end. They were everywhere, hiding in the trees, under leaves, but they were always friendly, and always looked out for her. As she grew older and her powers developed her affinity for them also grew, she found that she could commune with them, they would follow her, and even obey her wishes.

It was then that the purge against her kind occurred. Men would come into the forest and hunt all the magical creatures, drowning them, burning them, killing them with no remorse. She was forced to go deeper into the forest, forced to use forbidden magics in order to survive. Her spirit was beaten down, overshadowed by the darkness and instead of becoming a fairy – protector of the forest and all living things - she became a hag…an evil spirit, a nightmare, a malevolent being hell bent on destruction.

Surrounded by her guardians and protectors, she discovered that with her dark magic and spells she could change them; slugs and snails and mollusks alike, she could make them bigger, make them poisonous, make them evil. She became the “Snailmama”, a wicked creature that would use her snail underlings to do her nasty bidding, kill, kidnap or maim, she was a nightmare for adults and children alike.

Art director: Michael Kontraros