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Sculptor: Michael Kontraros
Painter: Chris Panagiotou
Material: High Quality Resin
Scale: 54 mm
Number of Parts: 47
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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Sold Out
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Apocalypse _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles

Product Description / Story

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in the New Testament’s last book, the Book of Revelation written by John of Patmos. In God`s right hand is a scroll that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God (Jesus) opens the first four of the seven seals, summoning four terrible beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses.
These four riders bring upon the world the divine apocalypse and are released upon humanity as harbingers of the Last Judgment. During the End of Times, humanity will encounter these horsemen and will know death, disease, famine, and many more trials.

Collector’s edition 

  • Limited edition: 170 copies
  • Buy ONLY at:
  • Sculpted by: Michael Kontraros


What is in the box

  • No. of pieces: 44 highly detailed resin parts
  • Detailed description: War (15 high quality resin parts) - Hunger (10 high quality resin parts) - Pestilence (10 high quality resin parts) - Death (9 high quality resin parts) - A big scenery AVAILABLE ONLY at the collector’s edition. The scenery is in 3 big resin parts (4x 54 miniatures – bodies and A LOT of skulls)
  • Packaging: All pieces are safely packaged within the wooden box in protective foam
  • Wooden box “L19cm x W19cm x H18cm” 
  • Unique Laser Engraved collectors serial number on the box
  • Concept art printed on the box
  • High quality signed colour box art print 17cm x 17cm 
  • 1x collective metal coin produced ONLY in 170 copies (one for each collector’s box)