Major Pain
Sculptor: Spyros Paizakis
Painter: Alex Aggelakis
Material: Resin
Scale: 1/10 (200 mm)
Number of Parts: 2
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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Major Pain _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles
Major Pain

Product Description / Story

The battles were ferocious the creatures were absolutely relentless, one shot was not enough to kill them. You had to get in close up and personal and blast their brains out…or at least what we though were their brains!

She had enlisted in the marines as soon as the invasion of her planet occurred. They had arrived in their millions, the infestation had occurred overnight, they were everywhere, killing, pillaging destroying!

Over the years many skirmishes and battles had been fought, and she was always at the front, leading by example…killing by example. Her armor was tough like her determination, her eyes dark like her soul….and her shoulder cannon deadly like her emotions.

She had become known amongst her battalion as Major Pain, she could endure everything, she would do anything for the freedom of her planet. She would bring the pain to the enemy.