Deputy Betty
Sculptor: Christos Panagiotopoulos
Painter: Christos Panagiotopoulos
Material: Resin
Scale: 75 mm
Number of Parts: 4
Unpainted - Unassembled Model Kit
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Deputy Betty _ Michael Kontraros Collectibles
Deputy Betty

Product Description / Story

The wild wild west was a dangerous place, there were one million different ways you could die. 

Betty had survived all the hardships and tragedies that were thrown her way. At aged six her family was slaughtered before her eyes by a gang of criminals and cutthroats. Severely wounded, young Betty managed to escape and make her way to her Uncle Jed an eccentric recluse.

Uncle Jed took Betty in and raised her like the daughter he never had. He replaced her mangled and severed arm with a mechanical device of his own creation – an advanced prosthetic making Betty, quicker and stronger.

Hell bent on revenge, Betty grew up honing her tracking, shooting and fighting skills, and once she was old enough she made her way into the wilderness to find the animals that slaughtered her family and bring them to justice.  

After killing six of the criminal gang and dragging another five to  jail, she was granted the role of Deputy by the local Sherriff. 

From that moment on, Deputy Betty was feared by all criminals, bandits, cattle rustlers and murderers alike. She was ruthless, gave no quarter…and if you made the mistake of unholstering your pistol with intent to shoot her…well let’s just say it was “Howdy Partner” for you!